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Metal Stud Framing & Metal Stud Walls

In addition to cedar soffit installation and other building services Soffit King offers Metal Stud Framing & Metal Stud Wall construction services. We can install U-tracks and C-studs and build the walls that can be further covered or decorated by cedar soffit, drywall or other materials of your choice. You may consider several advantages of using metal stud compared to the timber studs while building a wall:

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Soffit King metal stud framing example
Soffit King metal stud framing example
Soffit King metal stud framing example

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If you are a home renovation contractor, a builder, interior designer or a property manager who is looking for a reliable supplier of cedar soffit, cedar paneling, cedar siding and other wood products straight from the manufacturer, you are in the right place.  Please check out our special offer for builders and contractors 604‑360‑6071.