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Cedar Soffit Staining & Cedar Siding Staining

There are many advantages of staining bare cedar wood. When stain properly applied, stained cedar keeps this protective layer for seven to ten years or longer.

Staining Cedar Soffit & Cedar Siding

Stain offers a number of advantages over paint for cedar soffit & siding. Transparent or semi-transparent stain brings out the natural look of the wood, and stain breathes better than paint. Applying stain is also much faster than paining because it does not require scraping or priming.

Best Stains For Cedar Soffit & Cedar Siding

You choose a cedar siding stain based on the specific needs of our wet North West climate. For our cedar soffit & siding products Soffit King offers best quality stains that are moisture-resistant and seals well. When it comes to the best protection, high-quality stains are worth the extra money. They protect the cedar wood for longer than less-expensive stains.

Transparent Stains

Homeowners can choose transparent stains, semi-transparent stains or opaque stains. Because they contain few pigments of color, transparent stains do not change the appearance of cedar siding. Transparent stains come in a water base or oil base, both of which provide limited protection from heat, ultraviolet light and moisture. These products require re-application every couple of years, but surfaces require little preparation.

Semi-Transparent Stains

Oil-based semi-transparent stains penetrate wood and do not leave a film-like texture. They contain pigments, which provide a little color and protect the surface of the wood from ultraviolet rays. Similar in appearance to oil-based stains, latex semi-transparent stains offer little penetration, and they leave a film on the wood's surface, which can flake over time. Re-staining with this product may require more preparation than re-staining with an oil-based stain.

Opaque Stains

Opaque stains look like paint but offer fewer volume solids. They protect cedar against sunlight and moisture and are available in a variety of colors. Although opaque stains bring out some of the natural color and texture of cedar, they do not penetrate wood. Like paint, they leave a film on the wood's surface.

Soffit King cedar wood staining example
Soffit King cedar wood staining example
Soffit King cedar wood staining example

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